we love to mix things



CHARACTER DESIGNWe bring to life and animate your ideas

No matter if it’s fiction or real life
just give us the details

ART WORKEverything you need to create your animation

From escenarios to custom models
we do anything your motion needs

2D or 3D?or maybe both, just let your imagination fly!

Check out our portfolio for mixed techniques
ideas. Mixed with fun!


MUSICThe music is the most important element of your video

Our rocky Cats will take care of the rhythm
or will give easy options to get yours


NARRATORYes, forget about coordinating, we will catch it

Male, Female, theatrical or just diverse speaker
we know what you need and we’ll nail it

SFXCome on! You know we all like special sound effects

Complete your experience with SFX
the audience love to feel part of